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Personalized care for physical health

You can manage diabetes, heart disease, and weight at the same time, at the same cost.

How It Works


Download the app

Complete a simple 1-minute online form to be eligible as an early user.


Select a program

Choose a program that fits your health care needs.


Meet your care team

We’ll match you with a health care professional available 24/7 to you via call or chat.


Get personalized care

Take advantage of the health management suggestions provided by your coach and the app.

A holistic approach to care

It is common for mental health, nutrition, stress management and other comorbidities or complications to be neglected when managing chronic conditions. The robust technology we offer makes it easy to deploy exactly what our users require, whether you only need one solution or a comprehensive program to manage, prevent, and reverse chronic conditions.


Diabetes Management

Healthy blood pressure

Weight Management

Behavioural Health

What our members get from our programs

dedicated health coach

Dedicated health coach

No queue in the hospital or appointment required, talk to our coaches anytime or request a callback.



You can network with others experiencing the same thing through a private, exclusive forum.

personalized care

Personalized care

You will receive personalized care plans that will encompass behaviour, lifestyle, and disease prevention strategies.

less medication

Less medication

Reduce your need for medication through all our benefits.

personalized learning

Personalized learning

Learning is customized to meet each individual's strengths, needs, goals, interests, and learning style.

continuos monitoring

24/7 medical supervision

We ensure patients and their care team continuously stay connected, coordinating treatments and managing chronic medical conditions.



Integrate with your IoT medical devices like glucometers to track and make health data available in real-time.

alert system

Alert System

Make your loved ones and caregivers worry less. Provide progress reports, alert them in case of an emergency.

predictive analysis

Predictive analysis

Our AI bot notifies you of the future and provides personalized medical advice.

real-time update

Real time update

Make your loved ones, health care provider worry less. Share real time data or progress updates.

For Employers

Healthy body, healthy minds, peak performance.

  • Increase in employee retention
  • Help your employees develop healthy habits
  • ROI from reduced health care spending

For Individual

Personalized care for physical care.

  • Reverse and prevent chronic metabolic diseases for a healthier, happier you.
  • Build healthy habits for lasting results
  • On-demand support and motivation

Whether you want to lose weight, reduce stress, improve your nutrition, or manage a chronic condition, Diatron Health can help.

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